Nowadays, smartphones and tablets (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) are becoming more important to business productivity, but at the same time, proposing many privacy issues. The rise of BYOD means giving up a large measure of control over those devices since they are no longer owned by the organization but rather by individuals, who are granted access to much greater amount of information including highly valuable, sensitive intelligence and intellectual property.  How to maintain control of the devices using access proprietary data has grown into a major challenge for organizations



Acting as an experienced solution provider in enterprise mobility domain and understand deeply your challenge, FPT brings you a comprehensive MDM solution with a simplified and efficient way to view, manage and secure a variety of corporate-owned mobile devices across geographical areas with flexible choice of package.

MDM Solution – Features

Device ManagementEasily track and manage all connected device’s location and its travelling history via interacting with a visual geographical map and search engine.

Application ManagementRapidly enroll and authorize devices based on group or pre-defined security policy. This helps enterprises to manage, track the configuration, status of their diverse fleet of corporate –owned devices.

Location ServiceEfficiently manage and control all apps which can be installed and used by mobile device users. These operations are possibly performed over the air via a unified server console.


  • Reinforce Security and Manageability: Mobile Device Management provides an efficient remote management of corporate apps and content on variety of corporate mobile devices. It also offers simple, secure inventory, distribution and management of apps and content across mobile devices.
  • Increase Productivity: It allows employees to access corporate applications and resources  in a secure and fast manner
  • Strengthen Visibility: By constantly updating all mobile devices’ status, Mobile Device Management Solution can help corporate to intensify visibility of every device connecting to business enterprise network and accessing corporate content.
  • Simplify enterprise mobility
  • Control and Save cost: By using more mobile devices through easy to administer on premise environment, corporate can optimize and reduce the costs of supporting mobile workers while maintaining control over all mobile devices.

Other solutions

With more than 14-year of experience, we are proud to offer our customers the best solutions in the field of Core Enterprise Management, Distribution & Sales and Logistics.


With Core Enterprise Management:

  • Finance & Controlling
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production Planning & Management
  • ePartner Portal


  • Inventory Management
  • Smart Route Planning & Management
  • Delivery & Transportation solution to Retailers
  • Vendor Managed Inventory

Distribution & Sales:

  • Cabinet Control System
  • Perfect Store Management
  • Smart Sales Platform
  • Gamification solutions
  • CRM contact center solutions
  • EDI solution


Distribution Management System Case Study

The client needs to optimize its supply chain, which was crucial to its success and continued growth, the company decided to remodel its supply chain by setting up a distribution management system (DMS).

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eMobiz For Your Business

eMobiz is a solution that automates business tasks of sales such as sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance for the companies of FMCG, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Pharmacy and Oil industries.

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