A comprehensive solution for FMCG companies, which is:

  • Designed and implemented to help improve your distribution activities and key performance indicators, with thousands of distributors, outlets, and transactions constantly increasing, its optimal usage and reliability has become important. Real-time tracking and dynamic decisions have become instrumental for optimizing resources and managing demands, so that let eMobiz Distribution Management Solid (eMobiz DMS Solid) assists handle your increasingly complex work flows.
  • Capturing secondary sales data to understand your market demand, and essential information for making vital business decisions, eMobiz DMS Solid is developed to monitor and control the entire distribution network efficiently and reliably. The system supports you to have more visibility to your company and distributor’s sales performance, business strategy execution and completeness.
  • Being an end-to-end comprehensive solution for FMCG companies, with eMobiz DMS Solid you could achieve higher business performance and tightly control on your company’s processes.


  • Improve efficiency in sales process:

    Built to provide better visibility in market activities, customer’s demands, market’s volatility or tendency of customer’s shopping. You will be easy to build the business strategy, pricing strategy or to simply be increase or decrease of amount of product, change models to keep up with the customer’s demands and be market covered, hence help the company increase sales.

    Be reliable information about the sales activities:

    eMobiz DMS Solid helps you directly create an information exchange channel from manufactures to re-seller. You will be easy and quickly to receive and control information of your products such as: revenues, inventory, promotions and other activities from secondary sales in both traditional retail channel and modern retail channel.

    Save time and efforts:

    With eMobiz DMS Solid, you can reduce paper works and minimize data entry error. Basing on smart and unique technologies, eMobiz digitizes your sales and distribution activities and transfer data between the mobile devices and enterprise systems through data communication networks such as: Wi-Fi or 3G. It keeps your sales information throughout and has been updated in lieu of updating data by hand.

    Assist effective decision making:

    Helping to provide visibility in all distribution channels, to track real-time information and to understand of new market trends as well as capture changing of customer demands, eMobiz DMS Solid will assist you with effective decision making.

    Control effectively promotional programs:

    With real-time information on promotional programs of the distribution and retail system, you will easily to control all steps in your promotional campaigns to limit the costs incurred and avoid the distributors have done wrong promotions or frauds because the figures of promotions are only shown on a bill.

    Better assist your distributors:

    eMobiz DMS Solid provides you and your distributors the perfect tools that are necessary to manage operations from end to end including customer information management, inventory management, billing and invoices, van and presale sales, and promotion program management. Additionally, it assists to improve customer relationships with consistent interaction.

    Working well without internet connection:

    Our product is still working well without internet connection. If an internet connection is not available, data will be stores on the device for later upload. Data will be synced when connection is available.

    Simple yet smart:

    With the friendly user interface on both mobile devices and enterprise systems interfaces, eMobiz DMS Solid is very easy to use and low learning curve. It contains in itself the intelligent features and strong scalability. Be designed to support your business’ processes, eMobiz DMS Solid can assist the thousands users.

  • Order Management (Pre-sales & Vans Sales)

    · Master data management
    · Inventory management
    · Ordering management
    · Promotion management
    · Reports management
    · Delivery management
    · Payment management

  • Industry:

    • FMCG,
    • Food & Beverage,
    • Pharmacy,
    • Oil & Lubricant
    • A company and its distributors manage their daily work by hand and they face many difficulties in the capacity of sales 2nd. They take a long time to collect information for analysis and sales forecasting.
    • Need the right system fueling the distribution activities and key performance indicators, which help achieve high performance in fast – moving market place.
    • Define and control to ensure good integration & collaboration.
    • Study, understand constrains and define suitable solution.
    • eMobiz DMD Solid to help to centralize 2nd sales data to manage and use. It can be described as a network spreading to the global demand for the exchange of information between the distributor and A company.
    • The mere fact that there are many distributors located in different geographical areas and also various IT qualifications. eMobiz DMS Solid has been continuously developed to keep the needs and expectations of distributors. Moreover, eMobiz DMS Solid is a flexible system for customization to provide the necessary information from the distributor to A company to help them be active in production forecasting and in the implementation of suitable sales strategy.

Distribution Management System Case Study

The client needs to optimize its supply chain, which was crucial to its success and continued growth, the company decided to remodel its supply chain by setting up a distribution management system (DMS).

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eMobiz For Your Business

eMobiz is a solution that automates business tasks of sales such as sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance for the companies of FMCG, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Pharmacy and Oil industries.

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