We understand deeply your challenges to increase revenue your company must have a perfect business strategy, completely and quickly market information, the professional cargo control system and general sales monitoring system. And eMobiz Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a solution that automates business tasks of sales such as sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance for the companies of FMCG, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Pharmacy and Oil industries.

  • Improve sales revenue: Due to the importance of sales volumes growth in recent years, it is not surprising that up-selling and cross-selling are frequently expected. eMobiz SFA helps you to track performance, coordinating your goods, and forecasting the market demands.

    Better sales productivity: eMobiz SFA assists to make salespeople more efficient, both in allocating time to customers and using working time.

    Save cost and time: Regular lower costs and time are tending to follow from better processes with the process excellence of eMobiz SFA – one of the critical elements of cost savings – has been implemented based on the business templates and business-ready process after over 13 years’ experience to several big customers in APAC region help to define objectives and plans clearly to reduce your company’s arising costs.

    Improve customer satisfaction: eMobiz SFA does enhance the exchange relationship with your customers. It is a single interface designed to address customer hard points. Flexible, eMobiz SFA gives your customers some control over interactions and make them find that they had easy access to your goods system base and decision processes, including bills, contracts and orders.

    Resource allocation: Information transferred effectively and evidently to every single level of enterprise organization (from salespeople to middle managers and also top manager level). It helps to improve management decision-making.

    Connect and control sales process easily: eMobiz SFA with an intuitive and user-friendly design will facilitate to assists your company control all of your company to standardize the sales-processes from manufacturing to your customers.

  • Features will be discussed detail in each Sales Force Automation products

  • Industry:
    • FMCG
    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmacy
    • Oil & Lubricant
    • Company A and its distributors manage their daily work by hand and they face many difficulties: uncontrolled and delayed market information, inaccessible information concerning new market trends, difficulties in customer data aggregation, unsupervised consumption situations at selling points, uncontrolled operations of salesmen, and uncontrolled life cycle of goods.
    •  Need the right software that automates your company’s sales tasks such as sales processing, the tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance.
    • Define and control to ensure good integration & collaboration.
    • Study, understand constrains and define suitable solution.
    • The solution include application run on tablets for all salesmen to do their daily sales activities, and server-side applications run on Regional Data Center for Data Transferring, Monitoring, Reporting, Centralizing Master and Transaction Data among all countries.
    • Manage sales route, the sales activities.
    • Save time and money.
    • Sales data is synchronized timing and accuracy, reduce the workload of accountants and storekeepers.
    • Sales staff can more professional with operations quickly and accurately.
    • Salesperson understands customers and their products than to take care of customers in the best way.

Distribution Management System

The client needs to optimize its supply chain, which was crucial to its success and continued growth, the company decided to remodel its supply chain by setting up a distribution management system (DMS)

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Sales Force Automation

We provide eMobiz family to support all your sales activities across every level in your management system eMobiz Sales, eMobiz Dashboard, eMobiz Insight, eMobiz Maps, eMobiz Work-With.

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